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All images are handmade, and each one is personalized and unique.

The Groja © Program automates only part of the creation process. There are parameters that must be set precisely — and over time I have developed my own personal aesthetic preferences with regards to these portraits.
Your image is the result of your score on a questionnaire that gauges your personal preferences. It is essential that (1) you are honest when answering the questionnaire, and (2) the results you furnish are precise — preferably expressed as pairs of percentages that add up to 100.
Failure to meet these requirements defeats the purpose of making the portrait, forcing it to be either fake or generic — and ultimately totally meaningless.
As part of the creation process, the Groja © Program introduces random elements into each portrait. Subjective criteria — guided by an aesthetic developed over the past 40 years — also plays a part in this process.

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The Portrait Galleries at host hundreds of spiritual portraits. You can look for someone there who has a personality similar to yours, or check out the gallery of generic images.

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Our goal is to create a personalized, beautiful, unique, and enlightening Spiritual Portrait for you — one that you can fully appreciate and enjoy now and for years to come!

  • We guarantee your spiritual portrait will be unique and offer you insight into who you are and how you can better relate to others.

If you are unsatisfied with your spiritual portrait, you may request a full refund within 30 days of receiving the image. If you have a good reason for being unsatisfied, we will do our best to fix it.

  • If you are unsatisfied and we are unable to promptly fix whatever is wrong, we will grant you a full refund!


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Generic Images

If you know your four-letter type — and you certainly should before making this purchase — take a look at the corresponding generic image in the Sixteen Types Gallery at

Although it is not personalized — because it does not reflect the relative degree of your personal preferences — you can, if you like, consider it to be an image of your personality.

So feel free to download and enjoy it!